Forward message

Health Promotion and Development Organization (HePDO) established in June 1997 as a CBO and is now a fully registered national NGO. The Organization was form  in order to complement the effort of Government and other development partners taking into consideration  the alarming global malaria statistics coupled with increasing emergence of HIV/Aids, Tuberculosis, Poor Environmental sanitation, increase occupational accidents/diseases,  inadequate Portable water supply, rapid Global warming etc.

Our mission is to reach everyone in The Gambia, with appropriate disease prevention and control measures and advocacy strategies that are acceptable, accessible and practicable and can meaningfully contribute towards the improvement of health and development in the Gambia.

In line with our mission we focus on advocacy, awareness creation, capacity building at community level, promotion of people’s health and rights to health, provision of social protection services and supporting socio economic development initiatives by, targeting rural poor communities especially women, children and the elderly who live in hard to reach areas and as well as in the urban centres where the population is growing very fast.

To achieve our mission of providing social protection services, informative and educative messages, promoting health and rights to health for our primary focused groups we require resources and support. Therefore, I wish to enjoin all to give HePDO support so as to enable the organisation achieve its mission.

Our Programs

  • Malaria prevention and control
  • Tuberculosis prevention and control
  • Prevention and control of HIV/ AIDS
  • Water Sanitation, Hygiene Promotion and Education
  • Capacity building of communities on the functions of public institutions
  • Diabetes prevention and control
  • Promotion of Occupation Health and workplace safety
  • Promotion of health rights and access to health services


 A Gambia where the population is well informed on the importance of: women empowerment, human rights, water sanitation and hygiene, healthy environment, healthy life styles, elderly care and support, prevention and control of communicable and  non-communicable diseases,  Occupational Health and workplace Safety.


 To reach everyone in The Gambia, with appropriate health promotional programs and development oriented initiatives that are acceptable, practicable and can meaningfully contribute towards the reduction of disease burden and improved people’s lives and living conditions.